Organic Matter with Nolan

During this week in our Belgrade Lakes class we started as a class and moved into different two person groups. Where we made leaf packs for my group called the Organic Matter Group. In this group we focus on at what rate do maple leafs break down at and also the weight before going into the water and after. We do this by going on mini field trips every Friday during second period out to our sites and take data on what we have noticed to be the changes. The two sites that my partner and I are going to is a small stream and a beaver outlet pond. We started to notice that the leafs had started to develop slime on them.


Our last trip that we went on was a great day with lots of sun. My partner and I got to the small stream site and realized that some of our leaf packs had been missing so what we decided was that we would take one from the small stream and three from the beaver pond site to equal out the bags. Our job is to cut open the bags of leaves and then put them into a plastic bag so that we can latter on weigh them out to see if they have lost or gained any weight. After cutting into the bag we found no bugs or anything other than leaves. We were only at the first site for about 15 minutes and had to move on to the next site.

Our second site it was sunny and was a little cold. As soon as we arrived we knew what we need to do so we walked to the site to find that there were no bags missing which was a plus. My partner and I cut into the first bag and found a bug and then gave it to the macro invertebrate group. We put all three bags into separate plastic bags and brought them back to the lab where we later on found out that the leaves had lost weight in both sites and we are currently waiting on more weeks to come to see more results.


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