Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Colby College with Mia

We drove to Beaver Brook in Rome, Maine to visit the Colby College student’s beaver site.  When we arrived we met Kate and Brian from the Organic Matter group.  They showed us their beaver pond, dam and outlet.  They talked about how they were conducting their research and it was similar to what we were doing.  We went upstream about 10 feet and they wanted us to get a partner and measure the diameter of trees in a quadrant.  They gave us an example of where to measure a tree. My partner and I measured our quadrant of trees and wrote down the measurements.  We ran out of time and left the site.


Before we went over to Colby, we first went to Big G’s Sandwich Deli for lunch.  After lunch we went right to Colby College and meet with Dr. Denise Bruesewitz who is the head of the Environmental Science Program who designed this class. We meet with Abby Pearson who is a lab assistant and all the senior Environmental Study majors.

We split up into groups and looked at posters that were similar to what we are doing.  

The sediment group were finding out how much nitrogen they had by having one little pea size ball wrapped  in aluminum and they placed it into a machine that measured nitrogen. Right next to it they had the Phosphorus machine.


We then went to a dark room where they would measure our Nitrogen and Phosphorus and give us the data for our N + P.  

In another room the sediment group were running anoxic and oxygenated water through sediment samples to see if any sediment samples release Nitrogen or Phosphorus.

We then moved on to another room where we looked through a microscope and saw this brown circle bug looking thing, similar to a tick.

When we were finished we looked at several scientific posters to get a feel of what our posters should look like. Then we took a picture of the class and Colby College and we left.


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